Simultude is a niche type consulting Engineering Service which provides CFD modelling. We specialise in performing fluid flow and heat transfer simulations for the HVAC industry. Our major clients are Mechanical Building Services Consulting Engineers who don’t have an in house CFD capability. Since performing accurate cost effective CFD is a highly specialised service, many consulting firms find it difficult to maintain this capability. They therefore find it is far more cost effective to subcontract this portion to Simultude.

Since 2009 we have performed hundreds of various ventilation related simulations, ranging from micro simulations of a specific room, to macro simulations involving several car park levels including adjacent buildings and surrounds in an external analysis.

Sometimes it is more productive to work directly with Architects, Air Conditioning Contractors or Construction Companies. For example natural ventilation design may require substantial iterative feedback based on the Building Geometry. By working directly with the Architects, this process is far more efficiently achieved.


We also provide a detailed Mechanical Component Design service using CFD to study the airflow and heat transfer occurring within complex components where traditional experimental methods are not practical or the cost of fabricating prototypes is prohibitally expensive. For example we can simulate aerodynamic phenomena over a test piece which is not influenced by the walls of a wind tunnel. This saves clients time and money since fabrication and testing of physical prototypes is kept to a minimum.


Colin B Allison Director PhD

Dr Allison has worked in the air conditioning consulting industry for over 10 years, and has been involved in the design of systems for many prestigious buildings including

  • Commercial offices
  • DATA centres
  • Hospitals
  • Casinos
  • Sound studios
  • Clean rooms

During his PhD canditure, he used CFD to investigate and compare the effectiveness of various types of heat transfer surfaces used in the design of Compact Heat exchangers.

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